Performance 90 MINUTES. ONE GAME. ONE ARTWORK @ Gallery Robert Weber 6/2014

Interview  „ADLER A.F. G. O. 1984-2014: NSA – kopflos:29.126 Terabyte ? „ @ Gallery Robert Weber 2/2014

Performance: ADLER A. F. Trash Queen at Miami Beach Convention Center Art Basel 2010

Performance: ADLER A. F. Trash Queen in New York by Emil Memon. Gallery Dino Elay, New York

Performance: ADLER A. F. Trash Queen Dumbo New York

ADLER A.F. born 1955 in Rupertiwinkel, Oberbayern

Current: ADLER  A.F. is engaged as guest professor at the University of Bordeaux since 2014. Her subject and focus will be to combine exhibition of polit-TrashArt and workspace, to create an atmosphere of interaction such as the free and independent expression of artwork, as well as collaboration and integration of media, styles or artistic genres „trash as trash can“:  a great combination of TrashArt, performance and the freedom of art „express yourself“.

A further project of ADLER is a living sculpture called Trash Queen, dressed in a white-plastic-trashbag designers robe and was initiated 2007 in Berlin. Since then ADLERs scream-performances and DADAistic Trash Queen stagings to irritate the onlooking crowds, have become a constant constituent of public events. ADLER  A.F. aka Trash Queen is successfully shouting out into the World her non-adjusted message whithin the current political context.

Studies: Prof. Dr. hc Markus Lüpertz, Master of Arts within the class of Prof. Helmut Middendorf; Dr. Ukr. Fine Arts, in Odessa/Ucraine; Atelier in Berlin, München, Brooklyn/New York and Winwood/Miami; Member of GEDOK München and Max-Beckmann-Association, Scholarship in France, Italy, Spain, Ucraine and USA; actual Krasner Pollock Fellowship; Scholarship helvetiART Foundation

ArtAwards: Lerchenauer ArtAward, ArtAward ArsAttersee; Public Award Kleinwalsertal, Salzach Award, BavariArt Award 2009, prix d ´art bizarre Nizza

Exhibitions: Germany, France, Netherlands, Honduras, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Senegal, Ucraine,  Jamaica and USA

ADLER A.F.s artwork is collected in museums in San Francisco, New York, Montreal and Canada, Main aspects of the work of ADLER A.F.: large-formated paintings, Rupfnbilder and Trash-Art, performance and conceptual art, anarchistasista Project with Berlin artists Curator of t.a.te modern Munich, Germany; Foundation&director of the first and only Trash-Art-Museum MOCTA Berlin

Participation: 2014 TrashArtProjekt in Detroit/Michigan/USA mit Jerry Vile; netrantional project David de Rothschild recycling Art, Bahamas 2010/11, Jamaica 2014; ARTBasel Miami Beach and Art Basel Swiss 2007 – 2014; 2012: dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel/Intervention Trash Queen Performance; Tent scope ADLER A.F. shows TrashPlastiques or sculptures and the multiple dimension of obviously worthless litter at the end of our consumers chain. She demonstrates how TrashArtefacts in between – artwork and/or garbage- maintains a very own artistic value and developes a political-sociological dimension. Excerpt : art-historical essay concerning the work of ADLER A.F. Dr. Henning Gosebarth, artcritic-author, Zürich 2008

Statement of New York Gallery curator Zeina Assaf:

Trash Art for ADLER  A.F. is a socio-critical game with reality. She creates assemblages using found objects of every material – valuable, mundane, cast-offs, delicate or impermeable, reclaimed from salvage yards, garage sales, streets and alleys. The German artist ADLER  A.F.  uses humor, intuition and metaphor to weave stories from disparate elements. Artwork of wasted materials, however, has to have the artist ´s input, at the very least an idea about it, the designation of the object as art, which is nearly always reinforced with a title. There is mostly also some degree of modification of the object, although not to the extent, that it cannot be recognized. The modification may lead to it being designed a „modified“, „interpreted“ or „adapted“ art object with the impact of a sincere political message.
The DADAistic aspect of ADLER  A.F. is to perform Trash Queen, wearing a white dress of plastic warehouse-bags, made by a Berlin designer, a funny crown with the statue of liberty and a cardboard-sculpture with collages as well as paintings titled „ManPenisHattan“, which shows the subway – map of  Manhattan. „My job is to breathe new life into things that are thrown away and considered useless“ said ADLER and continues: “ I find joy in discovering possibilities for wasted materials, for me, there is no such as something useless. That`s why I love to perform as TrashQueen: to provoke, to show political Trash behaviour, to critize and  dialogue with the audience with a special German sense of humor“. The living sculpture Trash Queen was created by ADLER  A.F. 2007 during the Berlin Fashion Week and is a symbol, a statement and always a screaming, dancing surprise for the audience.

SZ Kunstvilla 2011

SZ Fassade März 2011